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Introducing: I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!? Your Blueprint to Starting Your Nonprofit

Without Being the Sole Funder by Alesha Mathis

Congratulations, visionary leader, on taking the first step toward making a positive impact through your nonprofit! You’ve achieved the significant milestone of obtaining your 501(c)3 status. But what comes next? If you’re tired of shouldering the financial burden alone and are eager to build a sustainable nonprofit, you’re in the right place. Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the pages of I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!? by Alesha Mathis.

Unveiling the Path to Nonprofit Excellence

In this series of web pages, we’re excited to introduce you to a resource hub that extends the wisdom in the book I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!?. Authored by the experienced and insightful Alesha Mathis, this book is your compass to navigate the intricate landscape of nonprofit development and sustainability.

The Blueprint for Your Nonprofit’s First Year and Beyond


Are you ready to embark on a journey that will establish the foundation of your nonprofit’s success and guide you toward becoming a strategic and financially stable organization? I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!? is your comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step guidance on key aspects:



1. Building Your Dream Team – Your Board of Directors

Discover the secrets of assembling a dynamic, dedicated board that shares your vision and propels your nonprofit’s growth.


2. Crafting Your Nonprofit Identity

Understand your nonprofit’s identity and purpose, and learn how to communicate it to your target audience effectively.


3. Designing Your Signature Program with Funding in Mind

Create programs that align with your mission and capture potential funders’ attention, ensuring sustained support.


4. Navigating Year One with Policies and Procedures

Gain insights into essential policies and procedures that lend structure and credibility to your organization’s operations.


5. Mastering Fundraising Strategies

Unlock proven strategies to kickstart your fundraising initiatives, guaranteeing a consistent flow of financial support.


Unlock Deeper Resources and Insights


But that’s not all—this resource hub is designed to be your companion on the journey. In the following pages, you’ll find an array of supplementary materials and resources that expand on the concepts covered in the book. Each page is dedicated to a step so you can focus on one topic at a time.


About the Author – Alesha Mathis

Alesha Mathis, a respected nonprofit coach, consultant, trainer, and mentor from Warner Robins, GA, brings over a decade of nonprofit expertise to your fingertips. With a passion for fundraising and a wealth of experience in administration, fundraising, and program management, Alesha has been a guiding light for numerous founders and nonprofit boards.

Embrace the Journey with Confidence

Are you ready to transform your nonprofit dreams into a thriving reality? I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!? isn’t just a book—it’s an invitation to embark on a transformational journey. Bid farewell to sole funding and welcome a future where a strategic blueprint supports your nonprofit’s mission.

Prepare to uncover Alesha Mathis’s insightful wisdom and actionable advice. Order your copy of I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?!? today, embark on a path to nonprofit success driven by purpose, strategy, and sustainable funding.


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