As a nonprofit founder, you are committed to providing your community with vital resources and services. However, running a nonprofit organization requires more than just passion and dedication. You need to ensure that you have adequate funds to carry out your mission. One of the most common ways nonprofits raise money is through fundraising. But how many fundraisers should your nonprofit have?


Fundraising is essential to the success of nonprofit organizations. It helps generate revenue to support your programs and operations. However, too many fundraisers can be overwhelming for your team, donors, and supporters. On the other hand, having fewer fundraisers can limit the amount of money you can raise. How do you determine the right number of fundraisers for your nonprofit? In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some guidance and tips on finding the perfect balance.


Consider Your Budget

Consider your budget before deciding on the number of fundraisers you should have. Your budget will determine how much money you can allocate to fundraising activities. It’s essential to choose fundraisers that are cost-effective, and that can bring in enough funds to cover your expenses. You’ll also need to factor in the time and effort needed to organize each event. It’s a good idea to start with one or two fundraisers yearly and see how they perform before adding more.


Understand Your Donor Base

Knowing your donor base is crucial to selecting the right fundraisers for your nonprofit. Consider your donors’ demographics, interests, and giving habits. For example, if your donors are primarily young professionals, focus on social media campaigns and events that cater to their interests. Consider more traditional fundraising events like galas or auctions if your donors are retirees. Understanding your donor base allows you to tailor your fundraisers to their preferences and increase your chances of success.


Keep Timing in Mind

Timing is another crucial factor to consider when planning fundraisers. Refraining from competing with other events in your community or major holidays is essential. Also, consider your nonprofit’s fiscal year and when expenses may be due. Hosting a fundraiser at a time when your organization has significant expenditures due can be counterintuitive. Plan your events around your budget and schedule to maximize your fundraising efforts.


Get Creative

Sometimes the best way to fundraise is by thinking outside the box. There are countless ways that nonprofits can raise funds beyond traditional fundraising events. Consider partnering with local businesses, starting a monthly giving program or volunteer drives, or hosting a walk or run event. Creative fundraising allows your nonprofit to reach new audiences and engage supporters differently.


Evaluate Your Results

To determine the right number of fundraisers for your nonprofit, monitor your results carefully. Keep track of your fundraising goals, expenses, and the success of each event. This information can guide your decisions about future fundraisers and ensure that you are achieving your fundraising objectives.



In conclusion, the right number of fundraisers for your nonprofit depends on many factors, including your budget, donor base, timing, and creativity. Finding a balance that allows you to raise adequate funds while not overwhelming your team, donors, and supporters is essential. By carefully considering these factors and monitoring your results, you can determine your nonprofit’s ideal number of fundraisers. Remember, fundraising is an ongoing process; don’t be afraid to try new approaches. With a little creativity and persistence, your nonprofit can achieve its fundraising goals and positively impact your community.


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Alesha also authors the book “I HAVE MY 501(C)3! NOW WHAT?!?” which provides a comprehensive blueprint for starting a nonprofit without relying solely on personal funding. Her expertise, dedication, and commitment to empowering nonprofit founders make her a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to make a difference in their communities.

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